segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

I can´t prove it just feel it!

Fear no longer affects you, for there shall be no force greater than love. This interior that reveals itself every day more full and sole. The rays of lightning do not overshadow the strength of your interior. The magnetic voltage of creativity behind the desire becomes the Kosmos. That rationality may not enclose this energy? That reason surpasses the goal of heart? No! Only love made me go universes to rescue you in the privacy of your sadness and despair. I just saved you from the abyss of indifference routine. Only a deity of unconditional love could be a tireless, effective and irrational warrior. Driven by the power that reason cannot reach, and that thought only transmits. There is no logic that encloses the heart. Excuse me the rationalists. I can´t prove it just feel it!

Lueji Dharma (God's Village)

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