segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2010

I had days like that...

Foto da Poeta Tânia Mandavela (minha bela irmã)

I had days like that little cousin...o texto que apresento não é da minha autoria. É mais um belo texto de uma angolana que estuda na África do Sul; O texto da Tânia Mandavela transpira doce simplicidade na descrição dos sentimentos num dia-a-dia corriqueiro onde uma palavra rude pode fazer cair lágrimas plenas de tristeza e um beijo na televisão pode reavivar a chama do amor.

"i have days like this,that a kiss on tv will make me believe in love
a sad story about a friend will break my heart
on days like this i have no fighting bone in me
today i feel the weight of the world in shoulders,today an unkind word made me cry like a baby, i curled up in bed,and cried,and cried, and found myself praying
yes praying,for nothing in particular,but for everyone,for the world to change, out of the blue i found myself reciting prayers i havent said out loud since sunday school,
and then puff, i stop, and feel so clean, so empty, so hopefull.
then i switch on the tv,and forget about saving the world, but keep a secret smile,because in those crazy minutes, i feel closer to God than ive ever been, i felt he out there, and sometimes he just makes sure i notice Him,and my true Soul.that secret soul no-one knows...
but back to the tv,one day at at a time....

im sorry, very sorry
for the times i kept quiet instead of saying "i love u too"
for the time i kept myself from kissing u,or holding ur hand in public for the sake of "nobodys"
im sorry for not being the perfect loving woman u deserve, sorry for the stupid fights i created, out of fear of being rejected, i rejected you. out of fear of the future,i ruined our present.but worst of all,for fear of love,i held back all the love i feel for you.
i thought i was being safe and mature, instead i was being foolish,because i know nothing,
all i know is that i love you."

Mais uma bela revelação de uma escritora
Obrigado Tânia por partilhares os teus textos.

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